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During the planning and manufacturing of HUR machines, we have take into account our machines’ long life cycle and upgradability. By choosing HUR machines, you guarantee a long life of service in return for your investment and the ability to add new features. 

New features can be added to our most recent HUR machines (manufactured from 2012 forward). For example: machines with basic screens can be upgraded to touch screens and HUR Active Line machines, intended for wellness centre use, can also be changed to incorporate the features of HUR Premium Line machines and be used for rehabilitation.

From February 2017 all HUR machines produced have the same type of frame, which for example makes it possible to upgrade new HUR SmartTouch machines ordered without the option of automatically adjustable lever-arms and seats to HUR SmartTouch machines with this function, that is electrically adjustable parts.

The features of our intelligent HUR SmartTouch machines are continuously evolving thanks to software updates. Screens and electronics can also be upgraded to match the most recent product versions.

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