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Ensuring sound exercise outcomes – the HUR Medical Concepts are launched!

Are you in the health care/rehabilitation industry and want a resource-saving solution for achieving client goals? The HUR Medical Concepts for preventive exercise, disease management and rehabilitation provide effective exercise outcomes with scientific-based training programs and world-leading intelligent exercise equipment.

There are five easy-to-use concepts with training programs:

  • HIP&KNEE REHABILITATION (as text guide, not in software)

The HUR Medical Concepts provide a clear process for the rehabilitation or exercise journey in the form of training programs and questionnaires. Thereby, the solution also eliminates mundane tasks and frees time for the professional to focus on the client. (The HUR Medical Concepts are available for activation in HUR SmartTouch.)



  • Scientific concepts for sound exercise outcomes
  • Sound exercise outcomes enhance the client’s quality of life
  • Sound exercise outcomes improve the reputation and brand value of the facility
  • Automation eliminates mundane tasks and saves time for professionals
  • Safe science-based solution makes professionals feel secure
  • Comprehensive easy-to-use solution with testing and training makes the work of the professionals easier and provides a smoother training experience for clients
  • Automated solution enables group instruction, which saves time and improves profitability per client


Dr. Arto Hautala

The HUR Medical Concepts have their origin in research findings from all over the world. In addition, we have made use of the experience, knowledge and understanding we have acquired through nearly 30 years of feedback and best practices we have encountered working with research institutes, professionals and different organizations within these fields. 

The author is Dr. Arto Hautala, HUR Director of Research and Education. Dr. Hautala is a Physical Activity Guidelines Expert appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Executive Board of Current Care. Dr. Hautala is also chair and editor in the working group planning Finnish Current Care Guideline for exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation appointed by the Finnish Association of Physiotherapists


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