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How do we tackle the rehabilitation deficit? (video)

Regular strength training increases seniors’ energy levels and improves both physical and cognitive functions. This, in turn, creates cost savings for society. Although this is a well-known fact, more action is needed to actually implement rehabilitation and preventive exercise strategies for seniors.

A recent study entitled ”Changing Society – Changing Service Structures” carried out at Aalto University in Finland compared health care districts and revealed a phenomenon referred to as “The Rehabilitation Deficit”: the study indicated that differences in cost structure between health care districts were great, and the district that had invested in rehabilitation performed the best. 

Check out this video where Emeritus Professor Erkki Vauramo, Auron Group CEO Panu Kuusisto, HUR Director for Research&Education Arto Hautala, and HUR Vice President Lena Karjaluoto discuss this important topic.


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