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HUR announces partnership with WCPT

HUR and The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) are pleased to announce a corporate partnership.

“WCPT is pleased to welcome HUR as a new corporate partner,” says WCPT Chief Executive Officer Jonathon Kruger.

“This represents an exciting opportunity for WCPT to further connect a leading supplier of exercise equipment with the global physical therapy community.

“HUR has been a long-standing supporter of WCPT through exhibition and sponsorship of our Congress. This partnership is a natural evolution of that relationship, as we share a common interest in advancing evidence-based practice and promoting physical activity.”

HUR is a leading supplier of computerised strength training equipment especially developed for rehabilitation and the older population. The products are developed in close and ongoing collaboration with universities, knowledge institutes, users, distributors and strategic partners. HUR recently appointed physical therapist, Dr Arto Hautala, as Director of Research and Education:

"I have known HUR for almost three decades and I am really happy be a part of the HUR team working for lifelong strength and wellbeing. My background is in physical therapy, exercise physiology and biomechanics. During the past about 20 years working in the Research group of Cardiology at the University of Oulu Finland, my research has focused on physical exercise and the autonomic nervous system, genetics, metabolic and cardiac diseases, rehabilitation and pain experience. I am very excited about this cooperation with WCPT and look forward to coming in contact with colleagues globally through the WCPT network."

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