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Upgraded HUR solution for balance training and testing - HUR SmartBalance

In persons over 65 years of age, approximately 30% of community-dwelling adults fall each year. Falls in care facilities and hospitals are common events that cause considerable morbidity and mortality for older adults. A large body of evidence supports the recommendation that balance -, strength -, gait -, and coordination training is effective in reducing falls.

HUR SmartBalance for assessing and improving your clients' balance.

With HUR SmartBalance you can assess and train your client’s balance in a matter of minutes. Clear analysis reports are printed.

HUR SmartBalance consists of a sturdy balance station, with a platform for measuring your body´s movement and sway. The sway is interpreted by  the HUR smartBalance software, easily controlled from a touchscreen.

Combined with the HUR SmartTouch Falls Prevention concept, HUR SmartBalance is a crucial part of a successful and evidence-based falls prevention program.

Read more about the improvements below or have a look at the complete solution

New Balance Score

The new unique Balance Scores make analysing the results much easier and prints very clear and understandable reports for the tested person. Instead of tens of parameters it focuses on only five important and descriptive parameters with colour coded traffic light indication of fall risk.

Information is key

One of the most welcomed new benefit of the solution is the results explanation buttons which give more information about each parameter that is measured and also points the user towards focus areas on strength and balance training. This helps especially the new user to get acquainted with the testing and training processes and how to help their customers as well as they can.

New snake game

The user will forget they are actually training their balance when they are playing, and often when several people are playing it leads to competitions. A great motivation tool for keeping up the training for months and months.

Compare and follow-up

One big addition is the newly designed comparison mode, which makes follow-up of the person's progression easy. The comparisons are also colour coded with traffic light colours so that it is easy to see and easy to show when the green level has been reached


New balance station

The new balance station is attached to the BTG4 platform. The new station is even more compact and lighter than the previous version, with a button for adjusting screen height easily, safe and study rails for holding, as well as fast wireless recognition.

  • The new balance station is not available for the BT4 balance platform.
  • The previous version, Support Rail, is still available for both BTG4 and BT4 platforms.

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