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Welcome to join HUR at ECSS on the 5th - 8th of July

"Sport Science in a Metropolitan Area", as a superior conference topic, faces the tremendous challenges in a large and multicultural population centre, including the broad range from Inactivity to intense physical stress, the trend of increased Individuality in lifestyle and physical activity, as well as the Inclusion of minorities. 

Know Your Strength and Power

The 22nd annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science will be held in MetropolisRuhr, Germany between 5th and 8th July, 2017, at the Congress Centre Essen (CCE). HUR is a sponsor of the event and displays the HUR SmartTouch solution at ECSS - a versatile research setup with fully automated data gathering during regular workout.

The HUR computerized exercise and testing equipment are being used by universities, research facilities, sport teams and clinics/gyms all over the world. The networked devices are connected to the cloud based reporting system that will analyze the information automatically for each device (muscle group) separately, and provide clear and understandable feedback – both numerical and graphical.

The equipment are designed for both maximum and speed strength training. This is made possible by the pneumatic resistance system where the resistance curve is completely speed independent. The HUR SmartTouch gym is an excellent research tool for large quantity exercise research in both high end sports science as well as regular gym visitor research including seniors and rehabilitation.

Welcome to join us at stand 40-42!

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