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1999 iBalance Smart Combo

The iBalance Smart Combo is designed for individual balance training and assessment of fall risk.

The iBalance Smart Combo is a complete package for independent balance training and for basic fall risk assessment. The system is easily controlled via the touch screen computer featuring the iBalance SmartTouch software.

The iBalance SmartTouch software includes five different training protocols, with various levels and difficulty stages. Select your wanted protocol from a wide touchscreen and the training can begin! Also a persons weight and BMI can be checked with the iBalance SmartTouch.

With the Romberg stable/ unstable test you are able to get a fast evaluation of a person’s fall risk. The test results are compared to normative values, and the fall risk is presented in a comprehensible way with traffic light colours. Based on the test results you can plan accurate balance training to strengthen the discovered weaknesses and enhance the persons balance.

If there is a need for a larger platform the iBalance Smart Combo can be ordered with the BTG4 platform. The advantage of the BTG4 platform is that it allows for larger wheelchairs to be used for core balance training. It also gives a wider variety of stances for the training and testing.

iBalance Smart Combo includes:

  • BT4 balance platform 12,6 kg
  • Touchscreen computer HP (inc. keyboard, mouse)
  • Training software iBalance SmartTouch
  • HUR iBalance Pad-balance foam
  • Carrying bag


  • Support rail
  • Smartcard reader for HUR SmartCard compatibility + 10 cards
  • RFID reader for HUR SmartTouch compatibility
  • Larger platform BTG4
  • iBalance Premium laptop software for enhanced features

Technical information

61Width cm
61Length cm
6Height cm
12Weight kg
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