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ASG Wellness – Promoting good health in Thailand

ASG Wellness, located in Bangkok, is a leading designer of fitness solutions and comprehensive health care for good health and lifelong strength.

This year, ASG wellness opened the Elderly Health Innovation Center together with the Ministry of Public Health. This facility is a innovative model center which offers integrated health technology.

In Autumn, ASG wellness participated in Inter Care exhibition, one of the biggest international health expo for homecare and wellness in Asia. In this exhibition, ASG wellness has introduced HUR’s technology and physical training concept to Dr. M.L. Somchai Chakphan, who is the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Minister of Health.

There is also an academic collaboration projects with Bangkok university.

 ASG Wellness, as the designer of innovation for health, is ready to support and promote good health of Thai people of all ages, including the elderly people and patients in need of rehabilitation therapy.

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