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Baia Populara Sibiu - Spa & Wellness center

We are pleased to introduce our new installation at Baia Populara Sibiu, Romania.

Baia Populara Sibiu is Spa & Wellness center dedicated to well-being, general relaxation, as well as maintaining health, mental and emotional balance.

After the renovation, the gym is equipped with HUR SmartTouch strength training devices & software, which can be used for both prophylactic and medical purposes.

The mission of Baia Populara Sibiu is "to revive the history of SPA as a lifestyle which anyone can afford, to contribute to raising collective awareness among the public as to the value of health and stimulate their desire for a lifestyle centred around wellness.”'

At HUR, we believe that exercise is key to a longer and healthier life. With our pneumatic exercise equipment, comprehensive reporting and SmartTouch ecosystem, we provide computerized exercise solutions that are scientifically-proven to reduce chronic health risks.

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