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HUR Academy Webinar: Lifelong Strength during COVID-19

Thank you for attending HUR Academy Webinar "Lifelong Strength during COVID-19" on September 16th.  

We are very pleased and honoured to welcome the participants from all over the world. We hope that you found the information useful.

On this page you will find the recording of our webinar and the slides from our presenters.

Lena Karjaluoto, HUR takes care
>> Download webinar slides

Arto Hautala, Rehabilitation dept because of COVID-19
>> Download webinar slides

Nyyti Saikkonen, Practical implications for lifelong strength during COVID-19
>> Download webinar slides

Webinar Speakers:




Lena Karjaluoto/Executive Vice President/HUR Oy, Kokkola, Finland
Ms. Lena Karjaluoto, iMBA, is the Executive Vice President at company HUR in Finland and has many years of experience in the healthcare technology field. HUR has more than 12 000 installations in rehab clinics and senior- and nursing homes all over the world. The HUR air resistance exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland and distributed in over 50 countries through an international network of distributors.



Arto Hautala/Adjunct Professor of Physiotherapy, Cardiovascular Research Group, Oulu University Hospital, University of Oulu, Finland
Director, Research & Education/HUR Oy, Kokkola, Finland

Dr. Arto Hautala has a background of physical therapy, exercise physiology and biomechanics. He gained his doctorate from the faculty of medicine at the University of Oulu in Finland from the field of physiology. Dr. Hautala has worked previously as a post-doc human genomics researcher in the laboratory of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in USA. He serves as a chair in the working group planning Finnish Current Care guideline for exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation and he is an expert appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Executive Board of Current Care for the Finnish guideline of physical activity and exercise training.



Nyyti Saikkonen/ Physiotherapist, Education specialist/HUR Oy, Kokkola, Finland

Nyyti Saikkonen is an Education Specialist at HUR, where Nyyti is responsible for providing education about HUR equipment and solutions both nationally and internationally. Her work includes coordination, assistance and reporting in research and development projects and additionally taking part in instructing clients and research subjects. Nyyti is a certified Physiotherapist from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and a master’s student in Health Promotion and Health Education from Jyväskylä University. Nyyti has worked within a wide range of educational, rehabilitative and commercial assignments within the health and wellness industry.



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