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HUR and IPTOP together for active ageing and senior wellness

Populations are getting older facing societies to develop effective strategies to promote and improve older people’s functional capacity and engagement in active daily living. HUR and International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP) share the similar professional priority to promote active ageing contributing to the education, knowledge, and skills necessary for the older individual to best manage their condition, physically, psychologically, and socially.

We are proud to announce HUR and IPTOP two years collaboration targeting to deliver the latest scientific evidence and innovative approach of HUR ecosystem for active ageing and senior wellness. The collaboration involves furthering health-care professional ability to provide best practice in prevention, disease management and rehabilitation when assessing and providing interventions to older people and to advocate for optimal ageing and increased quality of life.

Strength Training Designed for Active Ageing

Today's older adults are not only embracing the concept of active ageing, they are redefining ageing and embracing this stage of life as an opportunity for adventure, service and personal growth. HUR strength training and wellness solutions are built to support the active ageing lifestyle by encouraging independent training through simplified use, enhanced performance and increasing motivation resulting in a more effective experience.

Watch the video of HUR's Active Ageing here




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