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HUR SmartGym in Tampere Rehabilitation Centre responds to a need

Rehabilitee Eira Vesikko builds muscle strength in her legs at a brand-new smart technology gym in Tampere Rehabilitation Centre Tammenlehväkeskus. The gym is equipped with HUR machines. While sitting in the Leg Press machine, she can follow her training progress from the touch screen display.

“This card is put into the machine adjusting the resistance to me automatically. It is convenient in following how many repetitions I have already done. Sometimes I do a little bit of extra”, Vesikko laughs jovially.

“The goal has been to get my legs in such a shape that I can get home and move around there on my own”, Vesikko clarifies. 

Her leg strength has improved and going home is around the corner. When Vesikko first came to get rehabilitation in Tammenlehväkeskus, she moved around in a wheelchair. Together with rehabilitation assistant Jaana Ilomäki, they began building strength in her legs with guided training at the gym. Now she is able to walk with a rollator. 

“This is a magnificent place! Hasn’t been done for nothing”, Vesikko praises.



Great atmosphere at the gym

Tampere Rehabilitation Centre Tammenlehväkeskus got its second HUR smart technology gym after undergoing a refurbishment. The first one was introduced in 2016, and it became so popular and actively used by the departments that everyone did not have room to train there anymore.

“The first one was used on a tight schedule and the individual and outpatient rehabilitees did not have enough room to train there. To get a second one was our top priority during the refurbishment as soon as the premises opened”, the Tammenlehväkeskus rehabilitation and development manager Titta Soimasuo declares.

“This is what we need to offer the rehabilitees. Group activities support the rehabilitation process in other ways as well. We have a great atmosphere and sparkling humor here at the gym”, Soimasuo praises.
HUR SmartTouch System machines with a USER ID card were a primary choice for Tammenlehväkeskus. Soimasuo lists three things that the equipment has made possible.


“For starters, it enables systematic individual and progressive training in a facility this size”.
The two gyms at Tammenlehväkeskus have up to 350 customers every week. There are 50 training groups at the moment as well.


“Second, we can demonstrate the training efficiency because everything is stored. Now we can report in the customer’s final statement how efficient their gym training has been. Observing the effectiveness of the training is truly motivating for both the rehabilitee and the personnel”. 

Lastly, the centre has managed to add training groups for those customers that have the USER ID card for the machines.
“This way the physiotherapist does not need to know every rehabilitee thoroughly since all of the data is on the card and no time will be wasted adjusting the machines”. 


Service manager Tuula Holappa (on the left) deems gym training extremely important as a part of the customers’ overall rehabilitation process. “We have a great atmosphere and sparkling humor here at the gym”, praises the rehabilitation and development manager Titta Soimasuo (on the right). 


From a disabled veterans nursing home to one of the leading rehabilitation centres


Tammenlehväkeskus has a history of over 30 years. It was founded in Tampere, a city in Finland, in 1988 as a nursing home that specialized in disabled veterans. Since that, Tammenlehväkeskus has developed into one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Finland.

“Presently, we have slightly under 400 customers per day in our rehabilitation and housing services. Most of our rehabilitees are from the Tampere area and they are in continued rehabilitation after receiving specialist medical care. Our outpatient rehabilitation is for the customers of municipalities, insurance companies, organizations, and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela)”. 

“Almost all of our customers use our gyms, or at least they have the opportunity to do so”, Soimasuo announces.
Tammenlehväkeskus utilizes smart technology in such rehabilitative functions that it is reasonable to do so. 


“Smart technology gyms are a part of utilizing technology”.


Progressive training in a key position

The physiotherapists in Tammenlehväkeskus are also daily motivated by the data that they receive from the HUR SmartTouch System. “At first, adopting the working methods and technology as a routine took its time, but after all, it went surprisingly fast. We can verify from the smart technology machine that the customer has managed to increase the resistance dramatically in the Leg Press machine, and at the same time the customer is able to rise from the bed on their own. This is a motivating factor,” declares service manager and physiotherapist Tuula Holappa.

”It is such a luxury to have two smart technology gyms. Now all four of our departments have a goal-oriented training group there every day of the week. At the most, customers have the opportunity to visit the gym six times a week. At the very least, they can visit it four times a week”, Holappa says. 

Holappa deems gym training extremely important as a part of the customers’ overall rehabilitation process. 
If we did not have these gyms and would have to arrange rehabilitation with only the customer’s bodyweight and basic mobility on the departments, we surely would not get the customers in as good a shape as with progressive gym training. Improving muscle strength and developing balance are a large part of our work here”. 

Text and pictures: Helena Collin / Liikuntamedia
Translation: Paula Alajuuma

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