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HUR Webinar- Keys to success - Leading with exercise

We are pleased to welcome you to free HUR webinar organized by HUR Australia.

Keys to success - Leading with exercise, has an amazing line up of speakers.

Our first speaker, Dr Jennie Hewitt is a practicing physiotherapist, educator and academic researcher with a passion for delivering best practice to her clients.

Dr Justin Keogh is currently a Fellow of the Australian Association of Gerontology and the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport with his research focusing on sarcopenia and its potential relationship to aged care utilisation.

Paul Johnson is the Chief Opportunity Officer at BallyCara and has performed a lead role in the design and implementation of their Health and Wellness services which has exercise as a core pillar of intervention.

Jo Boylan is the Executive of Services at Southern Cross Care SA & NT. Her health ageing achievements include development and implementation of a healthy ageing model, presentations at international conferences, appointments to national and state aged care advisory groups and winning 10 national better practice awards for the delivery of healthy ageing into residential aged care.

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