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IMM Carehub - Malaysia's First Lifestyle Rehabilitation Centre for Seniors

IMM Carehub is an integrated lifestyle rehabilitation and physio centre specialized in preventive care, healthy aging and geriatric rehab.

It is one of the most comprehensive care centre that provides full aspects of wellness in Physical, Mental, Nutritional and Social through technologically advanced healthcare methodology and treatment by our qualified therapists.

As the country’s first private research-based senior rehab centre, IMM Carehub plays a vital role to educate older adults on the importance of physical and mental training to maintain mobility and independence in the safest manner.

HUR’s air-resistance equipment is the perfect solution for people 50+ who want to actively age. With HUR, exercise is safe and enjoyable for senior citizens. The equipment matches the body's natural muscular movement using smooth air-pressure technology and the result is safer, more effective exercise for people of a large variety of ages and abilities.

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