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Vetrea provides high quality rehabilitation with smart HUR training concept

In March, a new rehabilitation and wellness center called VetreaNeuron Kupoli opened in Kuopio city in Finland. The center offers the wide range of services such as smart gyms, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation for the elderly people.

Heikki and Sirkka Pöntynen visit Vetrea’s gym twice a week. Heikki has been training at this new gym since July, and Heikki’s wife, Sirkka has also started the training in September. Both of them are having good progress in their strength and physical condition.

- I have already noticed the positive effects of training. I am hoping to gain a lot more muscle power, says Sirkka.

Increasing muscle strength is also important to Heikki, who was paralyzed 9 years ago in an accident. Since then, Heikki has been participating in rehabilitation program and he got to know the HUR Smart Gym last summer.

- Smart technology is very good because the adjustments of the devices can be done with the bracelet automatically and you do not have to remember the settings. It is true that in some devices, I am not able to use paralyzed side. But we will find a solution for this with my therapist, Heikki says.

Heikki & Sirkka warmly recommend the HUR gym to people of all ages.


The latest knowhow was a key for the decision making

- As the Rehabilitation business moved from the facility called Neuron to Vetrea, our facilities were expanded and refurbished. At the same time, we built a brand-new smart gym for the customers. HUR equipment for the new gym was a clear and easy decision, says Sari Pasanen, Service Manager.

As Vetrea is a Finnish company providing rehabilitation, housing and care services, domestically produced devices were also one of the important factors when selecting the gym equipment.

- We wanted to provide distinguished service by utilizing the latest technology and various forms of digitalization in our rehabilitation services. HUR devices combine technology, accessibility and customization.

We are glad that we were able to find Vetrea's brand colour, Pasanen says.

Vetrean pirtkeän väristä kuntosalia esittelevät Sari Pasanen vasemmalla ja Maija Lopperi oikealla
Service manager Sari Pasanen (left) and physiotherapist Maija Lopperi (right) tell us that Vertrea wants to invest in the “comfort” of the facilities. The combination of light gray machine and lime-colored cushions found on HUR's standard color and was perfect for their design.

The facility is open every day for independent client

- In the gym, you can start with a starter kit, in which the client has a personalized program designed by a physiotherapist. In addition, we have weekly gym demonstration classes. We also started some group training for the elderly. This has brought new users to the gym, says physiotherapist Maija Lopperi.

The Vetrea’s Smart Gym are mainly used by clients who have neurological disorders and needs rehabilitation. Often the clients have cerebrovascular disorders.

- As a target group, we have people with disabilities or elderly people. We use the gym for therapeutic training, but we do have an increasing number of general gym clients, says Lopperi.

Positive feedback is an inspiration source at work

Adoption of new technologies and practices has become a part of our daily lives. Users are able to have different kind of solutions by the hidden technology and this makes the device use extremely easy.  This is also one of the important purposes when designing HUR smart devices.

In Vetrea, customer feedback on new smart gym equipment has generally been positive.

- Customers are happy about the ease-to-use HUR equipment, Lopperi says.

The gym program designed by the physiotherapist is activated when the user shows ID tag on display. When the user is identified, the device automatically does the adjustments and sets the training resistance and repetitions for the exercise.

There is also a feature where you can create a training program based on the performed exercise. The device remembers how you performed and create a training program based on the stored data.

- At the same time, the work of a physiotherapist become much easier as we do not have to do any adjustment of the device. In addition, the exercises can be viewed from a computer over a long period of time to monitor the client's progress. Each exercise is recorded in the software.

When we get good feedback from our customers, it gives our employees added value to their work, says Lopper.

- A couple of clients said they would never leave the gym unless I drive them away, Pasanen says with a laugh.
Text: Helena Collin
Photos: Vetrea

Vetrea in brief:
Vetrea provides high quality rehabilitation, housing and home services at approximately 40 facilities in nearly 20 municipalities. Their strength is a multidisciplinary approach for rehabilitation and care.


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