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Emotion Fitness Cardio Line

Emotion Fitness provides a wide range of cardio equipment, which explicitly meets the standards of medical cardio machines and offers various options for connecting cardio machines to the high-class HUR SmartTouch systems. All machines are manufactured in Germany for individual HUR customers, and can be equipped with various options to tune the system to your specific needs.

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Standard Features:

  • Multicolour-backlight for biofeedback
  • RS232-interface (not galvanically-isolated)
  • 3 training programs (rpm dependent and rpm-independent)
  • Medical Devices according to directive 93/42 EEC, class IIa
  • Chip card system that automatically matches the needs for SmartTouch
  • Coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • Multiple languages integrated – upon request the language can be changed before each workout starts.

Power range:

  • Motion cycle med + relax med: 15-500 watts rpm independent, 15-1000 watts rpm dependent, 20-120 rpm
  • motion cross med: 100-500 watts rpm independent, 100-1000 watts rpm dependent, 20-80 rpm
  • motion body med: 15-500 watts rpm independent, 25-1000 watts rpm dependent, 20-120 rpm
  • motion sprint med: 0-17 km/h in 0.1 km/h steps (at the SL version: incline of 0-15%)

· GRID INDEPENDENT (except for the motion sprint med)

Optional features:

  • Additional ear pulse measurement
  • External power supply for continuous operation
  • Connection to SmartTouch system via either wireless network/RFID (still without external power supply requirement)
  • Models for increased user weight

There are more unit specific options, that will be listed at the unit description.

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