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HUR Senso for motor-cognitive training

Reduce Falls and Improve Cognition

Research indicates a correlation between physical exercise and cognitive abilities.  Specifically, a 2016 meta-analysis found that dual-tasking, performing a cognitive and motor task at the same time, improved cognition better than physical exercise alone.  A 2017 study found that dual-tasking can help people with mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia.  This particular study found that dual tasking improved the ability to do activities of daily living, improved mood and reduced depression.   

Introducing the HUR Senso, a scientifically based dual-tasking fall reduction and cognitive training platform designed by dividat to support independence. The think and move integrated, fun and easy to use equipment simultaneously improves physical and cognitive function through interactive motor training activities and gaming.  The platform sensors dynamically capture all of the vital data with easy to understand results that ensure improved cognitive and activity levels for all users.

Watch a video of the HUR Senso in action

HUR Senso Key Benefits:

  • Cognition and fall assessment tests
  • Trains and improves balance and cognition
  • Automated progressions for all acuity levels
  • Fun, social and includes a full suite of games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Games simulate everyday movements (i.e. initiation of walking, goal-directed and rapid stepping) to support ADL“s
  • Convenient RFID personal user identification interface (no sign-ins needed)
  • Outcome management tool to easily track improvements and see results 
  • Cloud-based software allows for remote access & live software updates 





The HUR Senso identified fall risk, potential areas of weakness and helps establish an individuals baseline. 


  • Step Reaction test
  • Four Square Step Test (FSST) measures dynamic balance and identifies potential fall risk
  • Benchmark scoring based on movement patterns and the ability to perform cognitive tasks
  • Progress tracking through individual scores fuels user motivation
  • Cognitive and motor tasks measured in milliseconds 
In Dividat Evidence we include a set of test that show the most basic physical functions of the human apparatus and cognitive functions of the brain. We include the following tests.
  • Sway test / Romberg: Measures posture control
  • Stroop test: Measures the ability to inhibit the dominant response to a stimulus
  • Flexi test (figural): Measures figural cognitive flexibility
  • Go- NoGo: Measures selective attention and response control



The HUR Senso uses fun, dual-tasking fall reduction and cognitive training game-style exercises to improve executive function and includes: 


  • Progressive training adapts and gets increasingly difficult to challenge the user
  • Personalized cognitive tasks are linked to motor movements
  • Customized routines address and improve the user's unique cognitive and/or balance weaknesses
  • Goal setting and report tracking for individual progress and outcomes



The HUR Senso format keeps the user interested and increases the likelihood of program adherence through 


  • Gamification  that provides fun and interactive challenges designed to build strength and improve cognitive function
  • A variety of 25+ different fun and engaging games
  • Quick engagement in an easy to learn interface that supports user independence 


Clinical Research correlation between Physical Exercise & Cognition

Better Cognition: Meta-analysis found that dual-tasking, performing a cognitive and motor task at the same time, improved cognition better than physical exercise alone.

~Eggenberger et at. 2015

Falls Reduction: Cognitive and motor stepping interventions reduce falls in older adults by approximately 50%. This clinically significant reduction may be due to improvements in reaction time, gait balance and balance recovery but not in strength.

~Okobu, Schoene & Lord, 2016

Improved Executive Performance: Combined cognitive and motor training improves gait stability and reduced fall rate by 80% ... and performance of executive functions can be optimized. A considerable proportion of falls in old age is associated with the decline in executive performance. Good executive functions can minimize the risk of falling.

~van het Reve & de Bruin, 2014


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