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Accessible Strength Equipment Checklist

HUR’s unique Easy Access machines are designed in accordance with current accessibility requirements and offer safe and independent training for individuals with mobility impairments and physical disabilities. HUR equipment offers superior ease-of-use with range limiters, near zero starting resistance, and automated adjustments.

“The rehabilitation centre has been particularly satisfied with the fact that HUR’s easy access line is suitable for everybody - those in wheelchairs, people with other mobility and sensory impairments, and able bodied exercisers.” Validia rehabilitation centre, Finland

How independently can an individual with disabilities use the equipment?

Roughly one in four adults in the United States is living with some type of disability. Traditional strength training equipment is tough to use independently, making it difficult for fitness centres to serve those with disabilities. Purchasing accessible equipment allows an institution to serve a wider client base in a more appropriate way.

Utilising the 7 Principles of Universal Design, here is a checklist to ensure the strength training equipment you purchase is accessible to all.

Read Accessible Strength Equipment Checklist

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