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HUR SmartBalance 2031


Balance is a crucial ability that we need in our everyday life. Climbing stairs,getting up from bed, carrying groceries.

HUR SmartBalance is a complete solution for testing and training balance, consisting of:

1.     Balance Trainer BTG4      
2.     Support Rail  
3.     HUR SmartBalance Software

4.     Touchscreen Computer
5.     Foam
6.     RFID reader

Adjust screen height easily with a button

Safe and sturdy rails for holding

Fast wireless recognition
  • Balance Score - Easily interpret your client’s balance ability with a unique score. Compare and motivate!
  • Easy to use non Intimidating Client mode for independent training.
  • Scientifically-proven testing methods provide an accurate baseline measurement; you’ll know exactly where you’re starting and where improvements can be made.
  • Interactive computer programs are easy to navigate and feature large buttons, clear graphics, and an intuitive touchscreen.
  • Motivational and fun cognitive games improves strength and coordination.
  • Optional HUR SmartTouch software provides personalized workout plans.
  • Easy access for both standing and wheelchair users, with a wide entry platform and adjustable support rails.
  • Low step up height – makes indpendent training easy and safe even for the more frail persons.
  • Comprehensive reports include easy-to-understand graphics that help track your progress and create new goals.

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