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Pec Deck Easy Access 9160

Pec Deck
HUR Gym Exercise equipment EA9160 Pec Deck Easy Access

Pec Deck unit provides targeted training of pectoralis muscles of chest. The machine can be used with wheelchair.


Large mushroom buttons

Resistance is adjusted using large push buttons that make adjustment easy and safe.

Handgrips for additional support

Conveniently positioned handgrips assist with access and egress.


SmartTouch upgrade kit

SmartTouch upgrade kit is available for any machine with analog, digital, or SmartCard display. SmartTouch system is a multiplatform management environment, offering rfid based user identification, personal training programmes, automatic set of resistance, repetitions as well as visualization of exercise progress. Available for recent model.

Adjustable easy access chair

Steady rollaway seat makes it possible to train with or without a wheelchair. Steplessly adjustable seat height helps to find the correct and safe exercise position.

Technical information

143Width cm
113Length cm
138Height cm
82Weight kg
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