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Senior exercise

The right kind of muscular strength training is what we all need - especially senior citizens, to be able to maintain mobility and stay independent as long as possible. HUR allows older people to exercise more safely by reducing stress on joints and connective tissues. HUR's air resistance equipment is safe and easy to use, which makes it suitable for a large variety of users. 

Based on the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for the 65 + population, HUR offers the best exercise solutions for older adults. An effective way to implement an active ageing programme is a set of 1012 HUR pieces for the strength training, a number or cardiovascular equipment, and a balance platform to measure and implement balance training. HUR SmartTouch offers more independent and efficient exercise and rehabilitation, creating optimal physical activity plan for the individuals.

Close to zero starting resistance, computerized exercise and rehabilitation, as well as automatic resistance increase by 100g/1/4 lbs., makes HUR the optimal choice for senior exercise.

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