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HUR Antibacterial-Viral Upgrade Package

The ongoing Corona pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene and the need to minimize the risk of viral exposure and transmission.

The scientific evidence suggests that strength training is now more important than ever, both in prevention and rehabilitation of disease. To address these issues HUR has developed a multifocal solution to enable the safest training possible.

The Setup

1.   Antibacterial/viral equipment to minimize the risk of contamination
2.   Recommendations for a safe environment
3.   Recommendations for safe training protocols
4.   Planning assistance and training material


What is Antibacterial/viral equipment?

  • The upholstery, coating, screens and handgrips are equipped with antibacterial/viral material that kills viruses and bacteria.
  • The HUR SmartTouch system has minimal touch points since there are no pins or other adjustments that need to be touched. An individual’s personal settings and training program can be retrieved using a bracelet which works as an ID, and the system automatically sets up and adjusts the lever arms, back support and resistance according to preset user settings. The resistance also increases automatically as the individual progresses.
  • For further protection training gloves with a built in RFID chip are available. These personal gloves will reduce the risk of contamiation even further.
  • As the viral infections are many times asymptomatic, there is always a possibility that a person who has visited the exercise facility turn out to be infected at a later stage. Therefore, the HUR SmartTouch Software has been equipped with a tracing feature which can identify other persons’ training in and around the same time period as the possible infected person.

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