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Download the file and run it. The updates should be installed only if you have a previous version installed. Do not uninstall the previous installation!

Balance and Force platforms

HUR SmartBalance
Version 24.6.2019  
iBalance Premium
Version 2.3.14 24.10.2014
Version 2.4.8 3.1.2017
Version 2.4.6 14.2.2017
iBalance SmartCard
Version widescreen    
Version normal screen
Force Platform Software Suite
Version 2.65.5 11.12.2015
HURDAQ Platform USB drivers
Balance and Force Platform drivers 7.10.2014  

Tanita Body Composition analyzers

Body Composition Analyzer Software
Version 25.2.2021
Version 21.1.2020
Version 21.1.2020
Version 4.6.2021
Tanita Drivers
For Digitus serial-to-usb adapter
Tanita 780 MA and MAS Connected with USB A-B cable
Tanita MC-180 Connected with USB A-B cable
Tanita MC-240 Connected with USB A-B cable

HUR SmartTouch Interfaces

Version 2.0.30
HUR ST eMotion Interface

HUR SmartTouch Kiosk

Kiosk SmartTouch

Monark Ergometers

Monark Test Software
Monark Test Software v 1.0.15

939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E,
LC7,LC6 and LC4, LT2 and RT2

Monark Touch Software
Version 1.0.15 939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E,
LC7, LC6 and LC4
Monark USB drivers
Monark G3 display drivers  
Monark USB-serial drivers    
Monark 928 drivers    
Monark 894 drivers ( Titan serial-to-usb adapter)    

Isometric Testing

Performance Recorder Software Suite
Version 3.0.11 3.7.2014
Version 3.0.11 3.7.2014
Version 3.0.12 13.1.2016
Version 3.0.11 3.7.2014
Performance Recorder USB drivers
Performance Recorder drivers    



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