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HUR Mobile App

Capture Every Exercise, at home or at the gym, with the HUR Mobile App

The HUR Mobile App extends SmartTouch workouts into the home with an easy-to-use app for tablets and smartphones.  The app includes 140+ equipment-free exercises complete with exercise videos and simple instructions. The app collects key exercise data to maximize individual training experience and provide outcome data to the trainer or therapist

More options for instructors and supervisors

With the HUR Mobile App, instructors can easily create individual training programs that include functional training, balance, flexibility, and other home-based activities. Gym-based exercises can also be included, with data from HUR SmartTouch equipment automatically updated in the app. 

The HUR Mobile App makes it easier to assess individual performance and customize individual training programs. Instructors and users can easily send messages to one another with in-app messaging. User can easily download the app with an auto-generated QR code. 

More motivation and flexibility for individual users

The HUR Mobile App makes it easier than ever for individu-als to independently exercise by including in home and gym based exercises.  Clear written instructions, images, and videos ensure each exercise is completed properly. The app fuels motivation by providing easy to understand performance statistics and outcome reporting. 

For more information about HUR SmartTouch and HUR Mobile App, please download the brochure here.

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