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Functional Trainer Pulley

The HUR Pulley offers a large range of exercises in one machine. Its versatility makes it suitable for regular exercisers, athletes, seniors and wheelchair and rehabilitation users. As with all HUR machines the Natural Transmission mechanism makes the equipment easy and safe to use regardless of the speed of movement. Watch the Pulley exercise video.

The HUR Pulley is available as wall-mounted or standing models; see also our Pulley 2 in 1 and Pulley 3 in 1 machines. The HUR Pulley is even available as a crossover station.


More features:

  • Adjustable height cable column
  • Easy continuous resistance adjustment
  • Near zero starting resistance with stepless adjustment
  • Independently adjustable stabilization handles as standard
  • Fully enclosed mechanism enhances safety and aesthetics

Handles and leg straps included

Adjustable height cable column, the two handles and leg straps enable a large variety of exercises

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