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The advantages of pneumatic technology

Pneumatic technology gives HUR machines several advantages and advanced features. HUR’s Natural Transmission resistance method ensures that the machines are effective and safe to use, regardless of the speed of the movement or resistance. Pneumatic technology allows HUR to utilize modern technology in an intelligent manner. HUR SmartTouch systems are the most technologically advanced and user-friendly technology available within the industry. Thanks to zero minimum resistance (0kg/0lbs.) and stepless resistance control, HUR machines are suitable for a large variety of users.

  • HUR gyms are comfortable and virtually silent, allowing them to be located in spaces external to an actual wellness facility
  • Users can easily operate HUR machines independently, thus reducing the need for assistance or guidance
  • Simple controls make HUR machines easy to use
  • Stepless resistance adjustment lets users adjust resistance to exactly what they want
  • Minimum resistance starts at 0 kg (0 lbs.), making it possible to start rehabilitation early
  • HUR machines are safe to use in that all power-transmission technology is encased
  • Soft and natural resistance during all speeds of movement, even during speed training
  • Compact machines save space. Some machines are dual purpose, such as our knee extension-flexion machine
  • With range limiters, it is possible to determine where a movement starts and ends, making rehabilitation safe
  • With our Natural Transmission pneumatic technology, pressure on limbs can be reduced and limbs can even be moved passively
  • All HUR machines work muscles in both concentric and eccentric phases. Many machines also allow for the measurement and training of isometric strength

In addition HUR machines take up less space than other machines. HUR machines can be placed in a smaller space and even adjacently to walls, which allows for an open, accessible area in the middle of the space if so desired. Additionally, HUR machines are light and virtually silent, allowing them to be located in spaces external to an actual wellness facility.

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