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Balance Trainer BTG4 2204

The BTG4 is the largest of the HUR standard balance testing and training platforms. It enables a wider selection of stances than the smaller platforms and it also gives the possibility to perform training using a large wheelchair. The platform is still portable and it comes with a carrying bag.

The HUR SmartBalance Software is a complete package for your balance testing and training needs. It features two preprogrammed test protocols. The reporting tools provide clear and understandable visual feedback about the patients balance condition.

Training your balance is made easy with various interesting cognitive games such as Chase, Maze, Tennis, Snake and Tux Racer. With these games everyone can have fun while exercising balance and coordination.


HUR SmartBalance Software (included)

  • Interactive easy-to-use touch screen software for independent training
  • On screen interpretation and training guidelines of test results
  • Unique Balance Score for easy understanding and client reports


Balance Software Premium (optional)

  • Testing software for professionals
  • Automated reporting in clear traffic-light colors
  • Several protocols and a custom protocol creation wizard included
  • Full export and import capabilities


Available in both softwares

  • Balance assessment and interactive balance training
  • Motivational and fun cognitive games improves coordination and balance
  • Age and Gender specific large normative data database
  • Traffic light results with comparison to normative data
  • Versatile difficulty levels for everyone’s skill level



96Width cm
69Length cm
6Height cm
15Weight kg
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