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Sports Performance and Rehabilitation

Intelligent exercise in sports performance requires sophisticated computerized equipment and software - to efficiently achieve desired results and to reduce mundane tasks from the process. In addition, special equipment is required to be able to tackle various kind of rehabilitation needs in the sports field. Sport injuries can in the worst case devastate an athlete’s whole career. The recovery needs to start as soon as possible and there need to be the right equipment, tools and processes at hand.

The HUR intelligent solution – consisting of HUR strength training machines and the HUR SmartTouch exercise system - for sports performance, rehabilitation and research, is designed to provide results efficiently and safely - and to meet a large variety of exercise and rehabilitation needs with one solution. The system includes scientific strength training and rehabilitation equipment as well as concepts, physical performance testing equipment, compatible cardio products and solutions for versatile functional training.

One evidence-based exercise ecosystem, one centralized automated reporting, one user profile – complete with all training and testing data to follow the progress and status of the athlete. Thanks to air pressure resistance and the Natural TransmissionTM technique, the training is smooth and the resistance easily adjustable. This is a vital feature when training is delicate, as in injury recovery, when resistance needs to be increased gradually and with small increments. The air-pressure controlled resistance is gentle on joints so recovery is less painful compared to strength training on weight- stacking machines. The unique system also allows for resistance speed training, and all HUR machines work muscles in both concentric and eccentric phases.

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