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National Taiwan Sport University utilizes intelligent HUR training concept

This year, HUR participates in about 25 research projects around the world. One of our partners is National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU), which purchased HUR strength training equipment for research and training purposes in 2018. The university has more than 3,000 students and is rooted in the country's first sports institute founded in 1961- Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Physical Education.

NTSU professor Dean Wen-Tzu Tang visited HUR’s headquarter in Finland in early September to attend HUR Academy's Advanced Level Training. The main purpose of this training was to look at the latest research evidence on the benefits of exercise in medicine and how to apply new technology in strength training and related research. Wen-Tzu Tang's own research projects focus on biomechanics, sports medicine and professional sports. Biomechanics studies are also related to the professor's background in sports, as she used to be a professional athlete and coach.

Professor Wen-Tzu Tang wants to utilize the latest intelligent exercise technology in training and especially in research. During her visit, she also visited the factory to see the production process.


Is 40 the new 50?

Despite its name, NTSU produces more than just sports-related research. Some of these are related to the aging of the population, which is recognized as an important challenge in all the most advanced countries in Asia. The aim is to find the solutions that enable people, regardless of age, to lead an active life and to be independent as long as possible. For this purpose, NTSU provided its own training room, which was named 40 plus. The gym is equipped with HUR smart devices that automatically record the exercises result to produce the data for research purposes.

In many studies, age 50 is considered a milestone, because muscle strength and bone density begin to decline after 50. However, the decline can be stopped or postponed by active training. This was also one of the most important themes, which was assigned by the government. But why was the gym named as “40 plus”?

- We thought about it and asked ourselves - why do we have to wait until becoming 40? There are still more than 20 years of career after 40, so isn’t it worthwhile to start training earlier?
Prevention is the key. We look at how active training affects people's muscular strength, endurance, and sick leave, ”says Wen-Tzu Tang.

Professor Wen-Tzu Tang points out that age 40 is a very busy time for many Taiwanese.

- At that age, many people have a family and at the same time a career. For them, the most important thing is to earn the money for the family. When you are so busy with taking care of your work and family, your own health can be easily forgotten. Or people might claim that there is no time to work out.
The goal is to develop a motivational exercise concept that guides people to a healthier life. There is a proof  that the time spent on fitness pays off many times over.


Everything starts with individual goals

University research also attracted interest from insurance companies.
Healthy living and minimizing sick leave are common goals for policyholders and insurance companies. Taiwan is developing a model to integrate gym training into the insurance package.

The 40 plus gym emphasizes the importance of measurement. Everything starts with goals and high quality metrics are needed to track results. Creating personalized exercise programs at a reasonable price is one of the advantages. This is where HUR’s intelligent equipment show their power, as measuring and monitoring baseline levels is easy. This has been particularly helpful in motivating trainees. Wen-Tzu Tang says that a concrete perspective on how to develop their own performance is important for Taiwanese people.

- Everyone gets a unique program and a customized set of trainings. For some it may be to increase muscle strength and for another to improve aerobic fitness. And there are also many people who wants to lose their weight. Sometimes the training can be as personalized to start a mountaineering hobby. Actually, we had one older gentleman who had the dream of climbing the mountains. Then we did an exercise program to get the muscle groups needed for climbing.


Intelligent technology for the professional

One of the goals of Wen-Tzu Tang's visit to HUR company was to find a concept that could more effectively train new instructors in the gym. The lack of trained instructors has been one of the bottlenecks in the gym, and new staff were sometimes having difficulties learning a system.

- I want us to maintain a consistent quality and make full use of the new technology. That is why it is important for us to have an experienced instructor who learns our training method carefully.
The HUR smart devices do not replace the exercise guidance completely, but HUR Smart System relieve the tedious routines. We do not have to spend time for measuring, recording and analyzing results but instead, we can use the time for effective customer work.

The training efficiency is mentioned several times in the professor's interview. A Taiwanese living in a hectic cityscape sets a clear input / output goal for fitness as well. Working-age people will not come to the gym to spend time, but to achieve their goals.

- A new customer may directly ask how much time they need to get results. Our strength is to provide the well-designed training concept and equipment. With HUR system, it won’t take time to learn or adjust the program, but the gym can really focus on the training itself, Wen-Tzu Tang promises.

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