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The Hoffman World selects HUR

Meet The Hoffmann World, a company that is an expert in the field of prevention and rehabilitation through non-pharmacological therapies. The company has chosen the smart HUR exercise solution because the system allows users to have their own individual training program, and enables more independent activities - which helps The Hoffman World to reach their goal of improving seniors' quality of life.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of aging and care of the seniors, The Hoffmann World  has positioned itself as a national (Spain) and international reference. The company is a leading expert in the field of prevention and rehabilitation through non-pharmacological therapies, covering both wellness and specialized clinical areas such as Parkinson's disease, stroke, depression, cognitive impairment and dementia.  The Hoffmann Method, created by Catalina Hoffmann in 2003, has been registered as a scientific work in intellectual property.

- What makes us unique is the strong conviction that what we are doing is changing people lives. We are modifying the view of the way aging is perceived. Our aim is to change the way we age and care, says Alexandra Torres,  (International Business Development).

The Hoffmann Method believes that there is a need of an integrated solution that cover five aspects - social, neurophysiological, cognitive, physical and nutritional - in order to see improvements in quality of life and to properly be able to offer rehabilitation treatment and prevention solutions. Over 10,000 cases demonstrates the evolution and improvement of users every day in the Hoffman World Centers.

- Our conviction is that gaining years with health and quality of life is possible through the Hoffmann Method. This conviction has helped us with the determination of taking The Hoffmann Method around the world. With the sole idea of expanding our knowledge and principles towards the care and treatment of our seniors, says Torres.

The company's main task has been educating not only socio-health specialist, but the community in general in order to promote a social change on the perception of the elderly. The Hoffman World is now a point of reference both at national and international level when talking about seniors' quality of life.

Why Did The Hoffman World choose HUR machines?

- HUR gives us a great variety of machines that help us maintain a healthy body. On one hand we have the pulleys that give us mobility, strength and cardiovascular work linked to a great dynamism thanks to the extensive repertoire of exercises. On the other hand, we have the rest of the machines: abdomen-back, abduction-adduction, chest press, optimal room and quadriceps. Each of them specialized in specific movements oriented to a certain musculature, says Torres.

The HUR equipment work at the musculoskeletal level, improving the quality of life of seniors, their self-esteem and their social interaction.

Daniel Faleiro Martín, graduate in physiotherapy, explains further the choice of HUR equipment:

- We chose HUR because we share the same vision and respect for the seniors. The Hoffmann Method does not classify people by putting them into groups of pathologies.  Each person is a unique individual case who deserves a personalized therapeutic schedule, containing its own particular rehabilitation approach, and supported by tailor-made activities. HUR offers exactly this with their unique HUR SmartTouch system. And the physiotherapist can invest most of his/her time in taking care and treating the users and less time in programming or adjusting the machines. 

- Another reason we chose HUR is because the specialized equipment is proven to increase muscle strength, which in the senior world translates into better immune system and independence, those being our main goals. We emphasize the importance of prevention and rehabilitation, making sure we do everything we can in order to keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible.

- The HUR SmartTouch system is an important differential, as the physiotherapist can invest more time in taking care of the users and less time in programing or adjusting the machines. Also the records of the treatments and the detail follow up of the progress allows me as the physiotherapist to keep and accurate track of each case as well as easily adjusting the treatments as needed being precise in the physiotherapy routine given to each user.

What kind of results have you achieved with the HUR solutions? Or what do you expect?

- With HUR we have achieved improvements in mobility of muscular strength. Even more, in users with weaker physical conditions it has been seen their musculature getting better. We have also achieved our therapeutic goal of acknowledging the senior as a whole. Therefore the treatment is personalized and unique. We also emphasize the importance of treating the seniors with care, respect and a profound recognition as a person, despite their difficulties and with HUR equipment due to their individualize treatments and machine adjustment they know they are being taking care of as individuals,  each one with their own HUR SmartTouch membership card, says Alexandra Torres.

What are your plans and visions for the future?

- Our constant search for innovation has positioned us as a worldwide point of reference in the field of active and healthy ageing. We will continue our investigations and developments in order to keep offering the best in each field to our thousands of users worldwide that trust the Hoffmann Method as their way of improving their quality of life, says Alexandra Torres.

The Hoffman World

The Hoffmann World Corporation consists of a worldwide group of companies inspired by the  Hoffmann Method and focused  on an strategic management of  pre-Seniors and Seniors in both  wellness and health.

Lines of Actions

  • Prevention
  • Early detection
  • Newly diagnosed pathology
  • Advanced pathology

Key Differentiators

  1. Interdisciplinary team
  2. Personalized attention
  3. Single treatment plan
  4. Digital platform
  5. Unique therapies
  6. Innovation and constant development
  7. Attention to families
  8. Facilities and materials
  9. Success stories
  10. Constant testing

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