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HUR Gym – Home-Based Alternative Exercises

As the COVID-19 pandemia spreads around the world most exercise facilities have shut their doors. While social isolation and staying at home is recommended, we wish to strongly encourage everyone to exercise. While the benefits of the progressive resistance provided by HUR equipment cannot be fully replaced, it is still important to keep active with some home-based exercises to maintain most of the strength gains you have made.

HUR Australia teamed up with My Active Attitude to create some home-based exercises that can be easily and safely done at home. You will find some useful tips and exercise samples on how to stay fit. When exercising at home, remember that the same safety precautions apply as at the gym – listen to your body, remember to breathe, do not rush your exercise.

Download this handy guide for your home based exercise routine. In this document you will find warm-up, strength and balance exercises you can do to engage the same muscle groups as when using HUR gym equipment.

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