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Nya Karolinska's ultra modern exercise machines are controlled by smart bracelets

Training and rehabilitation at Nya Karolinska have made a great leap forward into the digital millennium. By means of ultra modern machines and technology from HUR, patients are provided with a digital bracelet containing all the information needed to be given the correct training. 
– The bracelets have been programmed by a physiotherapist and then the machine reads off the bracelet digitally and adapts weights to the patient's individual training programme. Everything is completely automatic, says Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda, specialist physiotherapist and manager of the functional unit at Nya Karolinska.

When your energy level is at its lowest and you most need help in recuperation, Nya Karolinska's exercise equipment from HUR comes into the picture. These machines are a modern and functional solution and are constructed to ensure the patients' well-being and that the training programmes are tailor-made to suit each patient. Everything is controlled by an intelligent computer system.

– In our machine park we can input training programmes for the patients. These are unique programmes adapted according to their needs and their respective training module, tells Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda.

One can regard the heart of Nya Karolinska's machine park as a computing kiosk. The patients are given ultra modern bracelets incorporating a digital chip. These in their turn contain information necessary to help the patient adapt their training in the best possible way

– The patient simply goes up to the machine to be used and scans their armband on a small screen. Then the machine is set to the training programme of that specific patient, explains Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda.

The patient is then provided with the precise exercise they should do. The machine adjusts the loading to the patient's training programme and the weights can be increased hectogram by hectogram (approx. 3.5 oz). The physiotherapist has previously made an assessment of the patient's mobility and strength. The machine park is used today by patients with varying diagnoses within out-patient care, for example those with heart conditions, COPD and other lung diseases.

–  A decisive factor regarding the exercise equipment is exactly how the machines can adjust the weights to a margin of 100 grams, says Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda. The bracelet itself is convenient to put on and most patients manage this themselves; then the machine takes over. 

– It also saves time for our physiotherapists, who do not need to adjust the machines manually for each patient and each training programme.

According to both physiotherapists and users, the machines are comfortable.

– Yes, they suit a large number of people and can be adapted with extra back supports if necessary. Generally speaking, it is easy to use the machines as they are equipped with low steps for people with restricted mobility.

The noise levels at Nya Karolinska's fitness centre have also dropped. There used to be more clattering when weights were being manually adjusted, while today there are only faint hissing sounds from the compressors that generate compressed air for the machines. Currently, rehabilitation within heart and lung outpatient care takes place on provisional premises, but the plan is to bring together all the physiotherapy and health professionals in one shared area in the same building.

– With a unified activity in sight, Nya Karolinska has invested in HUR modules and the aim is that these will be available to many more patients from inpatient as well as outpatient care, comments Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda.

Author:Conny Pedersén
Pictures: Nya Karolinska


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