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Oxford Brookes University installed UK‘s biggest suite of HUR Hi5 Equipment

HUR's distributor in UK, SportsMed Products installed the UK‘s biggest suite of HUR Hi5 Equipment with Easy Access options at Oxford Brookes University recently.

Set in a historic student city, Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with business and industry.

In total 18 HUR SmartTouch strength training devices were delivered to the university including 9 HUR Hi5 Equipment with Easy Access option, which is designed to meet the specific needs of wheelchair users and those with mobility and sensory impairments.

SportsMed Products had interviewed Dr Peter Wright, Programme Lead  Sport & Coaching Sciences.

"HUR Training Equipment will be used for teaching of health and rehabilitation, but also fitness related modules and expose students and staff to the equipment and technology around it. In addition, HUR equipment will be used for research in special and clinical populations.

I am planning to set up a university based charity next year which will allow externals to come in and conduct specialist rehab interventions, i.e. cardiac rehab, exercise for diabetes patients, pulmonary rehab, cancer rehab and possibly orthopaedic conditions. This will be done in collaboration with local hospitals and other stakeholders.

The plan is to also use this for work placements of our students and a research platform in order to have access to these populations.” says Dr Peter.

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