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Training in Vaala physiotherapy centre is soft and quiet – but efficient

New HUR gym machines are suitable for a very large audience.

There is a group of customers training at Vaala physiotherapy centre, but it is very quiet – only comfortable chitchatting is audible. The new HUR machines operate with pneumatic resistance, and thus there are no clattering weight stacks. The new gym equipped with HUR machines was opened in Vaala physiotherapy centre in January 2022. 

“The new machines have gotten a warm reception. Our gym is multifunctional, extensive, and comfortable. Especially the seated row machine has been liked. The biggest astonishment has been the soft resistance of the machines as well as the fact that there is no clonking or clattering involved”, says Emilia Huusko, the rehabilitative manager and entrepreneur of Vaala physiotherapy centre.

HUR machines a long-term dream

Vaala physiotherapy centre is a family business that Emilia Huusko’s physiotherapist-father Petri Huusko founded in 1997. At the moment eight people are working at Vaala physiotherapy centre. They attend to customers in the area over municipal borders.

 The business has always been developed determinedly. In 2006 Vaala physiotherapy centre moved to new premises in the centre of Vaala, a municipality in Finland. Gym services have been available throughout their history. They had an opportunity to enlarge the business by 400 square meters during covid-time. 

“The decision to enlarge the business was not a rushed decision during covid-time for we had planned the enlargement for several years. At that time we faced a transfer of the business to the next generation and thus had new enthusiasm for this project. We also received LEADER funding for it”, Emilia Huusko explains. 

The decision to order HUR machines for the new gym was a considered decision as well as a long-term dream. 

“We have plenty of intensive medical rehabilitation customers and HUR machines adapt to rehabilitative work extremely well. Our customers from a wide range of ages can use them”, Huusko declares.  

“On top of that HUR is a Finnish business, easy to reach out to and their maintenance is impeccable”, Huusko adds. 

Comfortable indoor environment 

The actual process of building the gym was designed collaboratively with HUR. This way, their pneumatic resistance machines could be placed ensuring a comfortable indoor environment in the facility. The air compressors are in their own space, and all of the wires and tubes from there are neatly connected to the machines via separate cord channels. 

“The gym looks tidy and is easy to clean as well”, Huusko states.

Huusko also praises the process of acquiring the machines from HUR. “It was effortless. We got the machines with the colors we desired, and the coat had our logo. Such a stylish ensemble”. 

The analogue screen display is clear and simple

Vaala physiotherapy centre chose the basic analogue screen display for their machines. It is a simple basic screen of high quality. Resistance is adjusted step-by-step through the help of “plus” and “minus” buttons, even during an exercise.

” We wanted the machines to be as simple as possible because the largest user group consists of elderly people. The display has to be clear and simple. This solution has proven to be a great one”. Huusko emphasizes the benefit of having simple “plus” and “minus” buttons on the display when guiding training groups. 

“The machines are easily adjustable. HUR machines are also easy to access and rise from when using a wheelchair. The range of motion is adjustable as well”, Huusko says.

Vaala physiotherapy centre offers its customers geriatric rehabilitation, rehabilitation for persons with musculoskeletal disorders (Tules courses), and training guidance at the gym for adults of working age.

“Gym training has a significant impact on the rehabilitation process outside of physiotherapy”, Huusko states. 

“The best part of this job is the people and the opportunity to create individual goals for the customers. Those goals we get to fulfill together”.

Text: Helena Collin
Translation: Paula Alajuuma

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