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4X Multifunction 8540

4X Multifunction

4X Multifunction machine has four different exercises: Leg Press, Dip, Shrug and Assisted Squat. The machine is equipped with touch screen which enables quick change between the exercises. The best benefit of the machine is that it doesn't require a lot of space. Leg Press exercise has foot straps and lock mechanisms, Dip and Shrug exercises have range limiters. There are also isometric testing sensor attachments which enable using Performance Recorder -device in isometric measurements. The machine is planned for rehabilitation: Easy Access handgrips make it easy and safe to go in and off the machine. Electrically adjustable seat position helps to optimize training position especially for Leg Press and Assisted Squat exercises.


Neck Cushion

Neck cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion for additional support.

Adjustable feet with floor mounting option

Makes the machine more stable during the training and machine can easily be mounted on the floor.

Easy access handgrips

Handgrips improve access into and out of machine. Designed for those in rehabilitation, with long-term physical impairments and seniors.

Isometric Testing Connector

Easily plug in the HUR Performance Recorder Accessory (9200) into the machines isometric testing connector to measure isometric measurements, like maximum strength and muscular balance.

Foot straps

Foot straps are used to fasten the user’s feet to the footplates.

Range limiters - start & end position

Range limiters can be used to limit the range of motion. This feature is particularly relevant in rehabilitation applications or if user has a long-term impairment.

Lock mechanism

Lever arm can be locked with lock mechanism. Lock mechanism also works as range limiter to set the desired start (flexion) point for a movement. This feature is useful for those with physical impairments or, for example, those undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.


Multifunction devices allow the user to work several muscle groups without changing between machines. The wanted exercise is selected by using touch screen.

Electrically adjustable seat position

Distance between seat and lever arms is adjusted electrically.


Seat cushion

Seat cushion helps adjusting training position for different size of users.

103Width cm
188Length cm
132Height cm
154Weight kg
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