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HUR was founded in 1989 as the result of a research project conducted at the University of Technology in Helsinki and has retained close ties with the research community ever since. By working with leading research organizations and practitioners worldwide HUR is able to incorporate the latest findings into the products and software.


  • The Falls Prevention concept is based on physiotherapist Gerd Laxåback’s and WELMED Labs’ research and incorporates detailed instructions for testing and training functional ability and muscular strength.
  • The discogenetic disorder concepts are planned by Finnish physiotherapist and there is a large variety of HUR exercises for back disorder.
  • An exercise guidebook especially for senior people called Comprehensive Geriatric Training Presentation, originally developed by a Japanese physiotherapist.

See the list of studies here.

In the network HUR spreads findings, research and results from different areas. This is done in newsletters, in case stories, on the website and in closed social media groups.

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