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Strength and balance - Test - Train - Follow-Up

Testing is a crucial part of both rehabilitation and senior exercise. Before starting a new exercise or rehabilitation program testing the client's/customer's strength and balance gives valuable information for developing the individual activities. The results of the measuring function also as a motivator, giving you the possibility to measure the effect of the training. 

HUR Labs – Testing Excellence

HUR's sister company, HUR Labs Ltd, is specialized in developing and manufacturing professional products for measuring human performance - which is an established part of the HUR offering. The products are manufactured to the highest quality, with scientific levels of accuracy and without compromising ease of use. The diverse product range offers balance and force platforms and strength testing products for:

  • Researchers and research facilities
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Sports coaches and teams
  • HUR labs also offer a sports testing facility
Balance Trainer BT3 Balance Trainer BT4 Force Platform FP4 Performance Recorder PR1

Products are designed and developed in collaboration with leading research bodies worldwide. We provide installation, training and after-sales service to all of our products. All products are shipped with easy-to-use software made by Hur Labs. Our product support for both equipment and software is available by phone and e-mail 8–16 (local time) in Finnish, Swedish and English.  HUR Labs also imports the highly accurate and high-quality Swedish Monark ergometers, as well as the Japanese Tanita Body Composition Analyzer for professional use.  Go to the HUR Labs website for more product and company information.

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